Freddy 45
Freddy 45
Freddy 45

Freddy 45


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With technology only used by professional restaurants and hotels, Freddy is now the only domestic appliance in North America that enables you to completely master your kitchen. Cook when you want, not when you have to. Eat healthy, not fast. Taste food as if it had never been frozen.

One dimension, two finishes, and six customized panels are available to choose from.

Dimensions: W. 23.5 in x D. 22.6 in x H 17.71 in

  • Cook when you want, not when you have to (BLAST CHILLING )
  • Make your fruits and veggies live longer (SHOCK FREEZING)
  • Preserve food texture for up to six months (GENTLE FREEZING)
  • Taste food as if it had never been frozen (CONTROLLED THAWING)
  • Cold drinks in less than 20 minutes (BOTTLE COOLING)
  • No more uncooked or burned food (LOW TEMP COOKING)
  • Eat healthily not fast (READY MEALS)
  • Hold that temperature (CUSTOMIZED STORAGE)



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